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The Quinault Indian Reservation is approximately 200,000 acres of forested lands that stretch from sea level along the Pacific coast to above 2,000 feet in the North Boundary Area in the Olympic Mountains. The Quinault Indian Reservation is located in the Southwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

The Quinault Indian Reservation has not been open to non-tribal hunting since established by the Treaty of Quinault River of 1855.

Chitwhin means black bear in the Quinault language. The Quinault people identify closely with the Chitwhin. Naming their high school mascot, newspaper, and themselves as Chitwhins. Historically black bear were traditionally hunted for food and their pelts by the peoples of the Quinault Nation.

Due to the current lack of intense hunting by the people of the Quinault Indian Nation and the abundant high quality habitat, you'll find black bear numbers on the Quinault Indian Reservation the highest anywhere in the Northwest. Black bear populations on the Quinault Reservation are comparable to those found in Southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

The rivers and streams of the Quinault reservation have always been known to be some of the best fisheries in the Pacific Northwest.

The Quinault and Queets rivers are two of the private waters available to anglers , as well as Salmon river, Raft River, and Cook Creek that make up the other secluded waters. When we are fishing the Quinault or Queets rivers, we will be in an 18 ft boat, Salmon river, Raft river and Cook Creek are walk-in fishing


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